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How to Use Meat Claws

Meat is the backbone of any meal (unless you’re vegan, and in that case, you don’t count). KIDDING, of course you still count, but this guide probably isn’t for you 😊

However, if you’re a meat-eating carnivore who loves their Beef, Pork, Fish, Chicken, Turkey and other delectable proteins, this guide is one you won’t want to skip.

So grab your BBQ sauce or favorite dry rub and let’s take a look at one of the most challenging, time-consuming, and arduous tasks when preparing meat: the shredding!

Sure, you can ‘fork it’ all you want, but get ready for carpal tunnel syndrome because you’re likely going to be there all day slaving away at that roast.

Use anything bigger than an oversized fork and you’re just going to end up with big unwieldy chunks and strips. Not exactly the perfectly shredded meat you’d hoped for, that’s for sure.

Enter the Vertoku Meat Claw.

What the Heck is a Meat Claw?

Meat Claws can transform an oversized pork shoulder into a glorious heap of pulled pork in minutes, not hours.

Shakespeare once said that a “Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. We think that a Meat Claw by any other name would get the job done just as well.

And in fact, this impressive little kitchen tool does go by a myriad of names.

You May Hear Meat Claws Called:

  • Shredder Claws
  • Bear Claws
  • Meat Shredding Handles
  • Shredding Fork
  • Non-slip Kitchen Claws
  • And more…

No matter the name used, Meat Claws rank among the most useful tools you can have at your disposal. Used primarily for shredding, these ‘claws’, aptly named after those on the paws of carnivores, make quick work of turning even the toughest meats into a shredded plate of mouth-watering goodness.

The Anatomy of Meat Claws

Before we take you on a guided tour on how to use Meat Claws, its important you have a good grasp of the parts. The good news is that meat claws are pretty straight forward.

As the animalistic name implies, the ‘business end’ of meat claws will feature several spikes resembling the claws of an animal. These claws (usually between 4-6) may be straight, or slightly curved.

The claws may be made from:

  • Food grade composite
  • Food grade plastic
  • Metal

Opposite the claws, is the handle. The handle of meat claws often uses a design that very clearly resembles that of brass knuckles. There is a ‘butt’ that fits firmly and securely in the palm of your hand, and an opening (before the claws) through which your fingers slide through to grip the tool.

How to Use Meat Claws

And now on to the ‘meat’ of this guide. This is the main course you came here to devour. Although meat claws are simple and straightforward kitchen tools, we can give you a few tips to ensure you get the most out of them without putting undue strain on your wrists.

The right approach when using meat claws will help you get more done faster, and will result in a more uniform, result that is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Tips on Shredding Like a Boss

Safety First: Many meat claws tend to be SHARP. The last thing you want to do is accidentally un into the wrong end of these when rummaging in your drawers. Always store them separately, in their own container, or with the claws facing downward.

Don’t Lose Your Meat (or mind): Meats tend to be a bit slippery due to the natural fatty oils and glazed surfaces. Don’t make the armature mistake of digging in without first stabilizing and holding your meat in place. Luckily, meat claws come in pairs. Use one claw to secure the meat in place, and the other to shred.

Say “naw’ to Raw: Never shred uncooked meat. Not only does this increase the risk of contamination and infection from the likes of e. coli and other nasty bacteria, it’ll be an uphill battle, and in the end you’ll just make a mess.

Think Like Wolverine: When shredding with your meat claws, use a moderate amount of pressure in a scratching and clawing motion to gently pull apart and shred the meat.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Use Meat Claws

Can Meat Claws Be Used on Larger Cuts of Meat?

You bet. With a little perseverance and elbow grease, a single set of meat claws can shred an entire pig roast. From 25lb briskets to small pork roasts, meat claws are capable of getting the job done.

What Types of Meat Can Meat Claws Be Used For?

Pulled pork might be the most commonly thought of shredded meat, but others work just as well. Consider shredded chicken, brisket, and more.

What Does it Mean to “Pull Meat”?

When we separate meat from skin, fat and bone, this is known as ‘pulling meat’. This separating of meat into shredded bundles of muscle fiber is called pulled meat or pulling meat. Originally done by hand, you can skip the mess and use meat claws to expedite the process.

Meat Claws: a Game Changer for any Meat Lover

When it comes right down to it, shredding meat isn’t exactly rocket science. But it can be burdensome, time-consuming, messy, and a downright chore when done by hand or with a fork.

Meat claws elevate your game and kick things up a notch, helping you shred like a beast with claws resembling the same. They make short work of even the largest cuts. Once you’ve experienced shredding with meat claws you’ll never look back.

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