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What is the Best Japanese Knife Brand?

Whether you’re a novice cook, an aspiring chef, or a culinary professional, the knife is your best friend in the kitchen. And when it comes to knives, few come close to the capability, precision and edge of a Japanese Knife.

But what is the best Japanese knife brand?

And just as important, do you need to invest your life savings in an expensive authentic Japanese knife, or are there similar alternatives available at a fraction of the price tag?


The Japanese Knife: A Culinary Masterpiece

The Samurai weren’t the only ones wielding an impressive blade in ancient Japan. The art of blade-making has been perfected by the Japanese for centuries, resulting in a true feat of handcrafted and forged perfection.


When Talking About the Best Japanese Knives it Is Worth Noting the Most Popular Types of Japanese Knives Used by Chefs

Deba – Featuring a thicker blade, this knife is designed to fillet fish and cut through fish bones with ease.
Yanagiba - With a longer blade, this knife is designed for slicing fish, namely Sashimi, in one smooth motion.
Nagiri – Notable for it’s thinner blade, the Nagiri is a favorite blade for cutting vegetables.
Santoku – A stable in any Japanese chef’s kitchen, the Santoku is the Japanese version of a Chef’s knife, used for all-purpose cooking, and highly versatile.


The Best Japanese Knife Companies


Tojiro (藤次郎):

With its first blade made in 1955, Tojiro has risen to become one of the best Japanese knife manufacturers. According to the brand, its Japanese knives deliver ‘more than just sharpness’, they offer superior ergonomics, with each blade feeling like a true extension of the user’s hand. Did we mention that the clad steel forged to make their knives is done so in the same manner of forging a traditional Katana?


Yoshikin GLOBAL:

Founded in 1954, Yoshikin GLOBAL started it’s venture in tableware, but later evolved to specialize in superior blades that feature an element of inventiveness and creativity. With a focus on solving structural issues with traditional Japanese knives, the brand developed a new style that offered a level of precision and maneuverability not seen before.


Masamoto (正本):

Made from the highest grade steel, each blade’s composition includes a proprietary blend of sand and iron, similar to the composition of traditional Japanese samurai swords. It’s steel, known as ‘Yasugi Steel’ is renowned worldwide for its strength, sharpness and edge retention.


The Best Japanese Knives – an alternative

Japanese-inspired Knives that Perform (without breaking the bank)
The allure of an authentic Japanese kitchen knife might be tempting. But for many chefs, the heft price tag represents an investment they just can’t justify.

In some cases, a Japanese Knife Set could cost you upwards of $2500 or more, with individual knives costing as much as $699 or higher. Add to that expensive import fees and shipping, and the price tag is generally out of reach for many cooks.

But what if you could tap into the tradition, culture and style of Japanese knives without having to take out a second mortgage? This was a big part of why we created Vertoku.

Vertoku’s knife sets range from stylish and performance-minded kitchen knives are “Japanese Inspired”, taking the best of Japanese blades and incorporating it into it’s own line of high-quality products.

From superior edge retention and unparalleled sharpness, to impressive visual aesthetics, ergonomics, and performance, Vertoku’s knives offer a perfect alternative. With prices starting at just $29.99 per knife or $99.99 for a small set, Vertoku offers an approachable, accessible and affordable way for chef’s to level up their skill set in the kitchen.

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