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What Knives Does Gordon Ramsay Use

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay became famous in and out of the kitchen, with the show “Hell’s Kitchen” putting him on the global entertainment as well as the culinary map. On the show, Ramsay earned a reputation for his tough love, coming across as both harsh and abrasive.

But when he’s not bashing contestants on the show, he’s teaching viewers a thing or two about mastering culinary techniques, flavors and food preparation with invaluable culinary wisdom.

Love him or hate him, his skills in the kitchen are undeniable. Whether you’re a professional, aspiring chef, or simply an at-home cook looking to elevate your skills, you may have wondered what knives Gordon Ramsay himself uses.

The right knife set can take your cooking skills to a whole new level, and asking what knives Gordon Ramsay uses might just be a step in the right direction.

What Knives Does Hell’s Kitchen Star “Gordon Ramsay” Use? (Gordon Ramsay Knives 2021)

Turns out, the Hells Kitchen TV star does have a few favorites. That said, the knives he uses tends to vary quite a bit depending on the task (and whether or not he’s trying to promote a sponsor).

At the end of the day, investing in a quality kitchen knife set can make a world of difference in the kitchen. Read on to find out which knives made Gordon’s list of favorites.

Insider Information on What Knives Gordon Ramsay Uses

Henckels and Wüsthof

Although not publicly endorsed on the show, we have seen evidence that Gordon has used knives made by Henckels and Wüsthof. Both brands are ‘house’ names in the culinary industry, known as leading knife manufacturers worldwide.

Florentine Kitchen Knives

In December 2020, Tomer Botner, a designer behind Florentine Kitchen Knives, had revealed to Forbes that Gordon’s team used his line of knives at one of his restaurant locations in London.

His Own Line of Knives

Gordon has shamelessly plugged the use of his own line of knives, made in collaboration with London-based Royal Doulton.

What Gordon Says Matters the Most

Given that the brand is up to personal preference and budget, what is more important is the TYPE of knives that Gordon Ramsay recommends.

Gordon himself has been quoted as saying the ‘brand’ isn’t as important as the quality and type of knife for the job, and that aspiring chefs and professional chefs alike don’t need to go broke on the highest-end knives.

Similar to any ‘name brand’ knife, with Henckels and Wüsthof you’re paying for the status symbol and ‘name’ as much as you are for the quality they are known for.

Luckily there are several brands that encompass the same level of quality, precision, balance, edge retention and performance (all at the fraction of the price), and with some extra style to boot.


What Types of Knives Does Hell’s Kitchen Star “Gordon Ramsay” Recommend?

The right knives are an indispensable asset in the kitchen. According to Gordon, there are several knives that any chef worth their salt should have readily at their disposal.

Chef’s Knife

The swiss army knife of the kitchen, the chef’s knife is versatile, capable and up to handle almost any task. Specializing in nothing, but able to tackle a broad range of food preparation tasks, the chef knife is one of the most used blades in a chef’s arsenal.

Paring Knife

Ideal for fruit and vegetable preparation, a pairing knife should be a standard in any kitchen. These knives are also ideal for dealing with small, delicate or precision tasks.

Boning Knife

Featuring a long, slim, flexible blade, the boning knife is uniquely engineered to aid with cutting around meat and bone when prepping carnivorous dishes.

Serrated Bread Knife

Essential for dealing with breads, cakes and pastries, the serrated bread knife isn’t as frequently used, but a welcomed companion when the need arises. Its serrated blade allows chef’s to ‘saw’ through soft pieces of bread without smashing them.


*when the need arises, Gordon Ramsey also has these specialty knives on hand

  • Butcher knife / Meat cleaver
  • Utility knife
  • Santoku knife
  • Kitchen sears


Final Thoughts On The Knives Gordon Ramsey Uses

There’s no doubt that Gordon Ramsey is a powerhouse in the culinary industry. From Michelin star-rated restaurants to his hit TV show “Hells Kitchen”, Ramsey brings the heat with delectable dishes and advice for aspiring chefs the world around.

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